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"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."
-Mother Theresa-

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"We have been fortunate enough to have been going to Ale's classes for the last 4 years. Ale is an excellent music teacher who knows how to make music lessons fun, interesting, and engaging. Music is my oldest child's favorite lesson in school, and I'm sure the strong foundations made with Ale have played a big part in this. We love our lessons with Ale, and my children always look forward to their music lessons with her each week".


Sophia Howe , Mum of three kids (7, 4 & 2 y/o),  Music Classes for Private Groups (2023), Dubai UAE

"Ale has a lovely warm personality, which makes her an immediate attraction for the little ones. The days she brings along her guitar, she is almost invincible! She can connect almost immediately to all children of all age groups. They are intrigued by her voice and mesmerized by her instruments. Ale was also able to teach the older ones about musical notes and had a good plan for her day every time she came. She handled her classes with professionalism, as she always had an end goal each month on what she wanted to achieve and how she planned to achieve it. Ale is super passionate about music and the children, and these are just the qualities one looks for. She also has a stellar record of punctuality and timeliness. Ale would be my top choice anywhere I go".


Sijyl Ghias, Former Nursery Principal, Golden Gate Nursery (2018) Dubai UAE

"Ale brings a fresh breath of air to the nursery. She captures the attention of the children and makes sure that she has a music plan in place that is age appropriate. She is always well prepared for the class and the children look forward to seeing her every week.

The children enjoy listening to the melodies Ale creates on the guitar, flute, and other musical instruments. They particularly enjoy listening to the sound of the rain made by the rainstick.

Her calm demeanour has a soothing effect on the children and her music brings out the best in them".


 Shali Kapoor, Former Head of Nurseries, Raffles Nursery Group (2018), Dubai UAE

"The Classes were fantastic. I love how the kids learn to play different instruments and be inspired by the teacher to enjoy the music. My five year old daughter really loved the classes. I highly recommend them".


Gloria Galdamez, Mum of Chloe (5 y/o), Music Classes for Private Groups (2018), Dubai UAE

"Alejandra is incredible. She is not only a music teacher. The energy that She transmits creates a magical environment for children.

My children were going to her classes during the summer. Every day they went to the classes, it was a super happy day for them, and they showed me everything they had learned with real emotion".


Fernanda Mena, Mum of Laura and Beltran (7&5 y/o),  Music Classes for Private Groups (2018), Dubai UAE

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