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Kidslabmusic started in 2018 as a music program created to teach music to children from their own needs and development, allowing kids to feel and connect with music through exploring all their senses and respecting each child and what they have to share with us. I started offering this program to nurseries and families across Dubai.


In 2021 and after completing my PGCE(i), I felt the need to share my knowledge with educators and parents who want to create a love for music and connect with children through it. Since 2023, Kidslabmusic has wanted to make music accessible to everyone interested. It is not necessary to be an expert in music or be a music teacher to use music as a valuable tool to educate, motivate, and connect with children and their inner world. And that is what Kidslabmusic intends to do. 

Creating love for music...

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My Story!

 I'm Alejandra (Ale) Aranda. I am from Chile, where I got a bachelor's degree in Construction Management in 2005. I moved with my husband to the Middle East in 2008, dedicating myself to my passion: Teaching Music. In 2012 my daughter Valentina was born, and in 2016, my son Ignacio was.

I got a Positive Discipline Parent Educator Certificate in 2015 and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE(i)) in 2021 to validate all my experience. I have been teaching Music, guitar, and singing to children (and adults) in Dubai and Doha all these years. I have also been the director of two choirs (for adults), and I have participated in many other choirs since the age of 6. 

Inspired by Edgar Willems, who believed that Music needed to be taught to all children without the austerity and monotony of a Conservatory, and the message of Maria Montessori, who followed the child in every learning experience, I felt the necessity to create a method where children learn from their own needs and development stages. That is how I created Kidslabmusic in 2018 as a music program to allow children to develop connections and a love for Music. In 2023, I made the decision to provide educators and parents with various resources, enabling them to engage with children through music. My goal is to facilitate the connection between the worlds of children and adults using the universal language of music. 

Let us explore together!

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